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Dr Shahroch Nahwar completed his medical degree in Belgium and therefore has the benefit of international education and experience. Dr Nahrwar speaks four languages - English, Afrikaans, Dutch and German - he is, therefore, able to be of greater service to a larger pool of patients.

Patients who are referred to Dr Nahrwar are usually in need of further tests and screenings for more accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment. Patients typically suffer from blood disorders such as haemophilia and leukaemia. However, as a specialist, Dr Nahrwar competently treats all types of medical conditions and concerns.

Dr Nahrwar has a friendly and caring demeanour, combining this with his experience, skill and education, he provides patients with a comfortable environment for their consultation. Doctor Nahrwar takes time to get to know and understand individual patients. He discusses the condition/s that brought the patient to his office. He documents the patient's full medical history, performs an examination, and orders blood samples if necessary, and later examines the blood samples in a lab. He will then determine and select the relevant tests, make a diagnosis and begin treatment, which could include drug therapies or surgical interventions. The doctor also offers patient education, counselling, and lifestyle advice that will improve patients overall wellbeing.

Doctor Nahrwar believes in keeping up with the latest research and innovations in treatments for various conditions, especially those pertaining to oncology and haematology. That way he is able to provide the most advanced care to his patients, especially those with life-threatening conditions.

If the patient requires the assistance and expertise of another specialist, such as an oncologist, a cardiologist, or a nephrologist, Dr Nahrwar offers multi-disciplinary team referrals.

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