MD LEUVEN (1998)
FCP (SA) (2007)
Cert Clinical Haematology (SA) (2010)


Dr Shahroch Nahrwar is a Specialist Physician, Clinical Haematologist, and Head of the Department of Clinical Haematology at Melomed Tokai.

Dr Nahrwar's pre-graduate medical degree was completed in Leuven, Belgium in 1998. He completed his postgraduate training in internal medicine at the University of Stellenbosch in 2007 and his Certificate in Clinical Haematology (Physicians) in 2010 from the University of Cape Town. Dr Nahrwar also has diplomas in Tropical Medicine, and Advanced Trauma Life Support.

Born and raised alongside his younger sister in Brunssum in the Netherlands by a Persian father and a Dutch mother. Consequently, he can speak Dutch, German, English and Afrikaans. Since childhood, Dr. Nahrwar had a broad interest in science with a particular interest in prehistory, astronomy and quantum physics. It was later followed by keen interests in mathematics, biology and chemistry, which ultimately lead him to a career in medicine.

Dr Nahrwar specializes in haematology. Haemotology is the science or study of blood and blood-forming organs, as well as blood diseases, disorders and malignancies; such as types of haemophilia, leukaemia, and sickle-cell anaemia. Dr Nahrwar's medical interests include anaemias, platelet abnormalities, clotting disorders, immune cell disorders, blood/bone marrow/lymph node cancers and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Dr. Nahrwar considers haematology to be the fascinating “orphan” of both internal medicine and oncology. Haematology is both unique and challenging; one has to stay abreast of the cutting edge scientific and technological and advances used to treat it.

Dr Nahrwar is active in the healthcare community. He is a member of the South African Stem Cell Transplant Society. He regularly attends local and international conferences. He enjoys teaching - he hosts an in-service teaching program for nurses, who he believes play a pivotal role in the health care system. Dr. Nahrwar also co-chair’s antimicrobial stewardship meetings at Melomed Tokai, where they discuss the control and use of our most important and common invisible enemy: micro-organisms.

Patients often use words such as “wonderful, terrific, awesome and amazing” to describe Doctor Nahrwar. His knowledge, experience and caring nature has helped many patients through their illness and into recovery.

Dr Nahrwar is often invited to share his expertise on radio and television. He has won awards and does research through clinical trials.

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