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Bone Marrow Transplant

Dr Nahrwar has performed many bone marrow transplants throughout his years as a specialist, and he is an expert on the conditions that require bone marrow transplant as a treatment...Read More

Clinical Haematology

Dr Shahroch Nahrwar specializes and is an expert in haematology. He often treats patients with challenging, life-threatening and rare conditions...Read More


Dr Nahrwar considers haematology to be the fascinating "orphan" of both internal medicine and oncology...Read More

Specialist physician Consult

Dr Shahroch Nahwar completed his medical degree in Belgium and therefore has the benefit of international education and experience...Read More

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ABOUT Dr Shahroch Nahrwar

Specialist Physician / Haematologist

Dr Shahroch Nahrwar is a Specialist Physician, Clinical Haematologist, and Head of the Department of Clinical Haematology at Melomed Tokai.

Born and raised alongside his younger sister in Brunssum in the Netherlands by a Persian father and a Dutch mother. Consequently, he can speak Dutch, German, English and Afrikaans. Since childhood Dr. Nahrwar had a broad interest in science with a special interest in prehistory, astronomy and quantum physics. It was later followed by keen interests in mathematics, biology and chemistry, which ultimately lead him to a career in medicine.

Of all the medical doctors and specialists who have treated me since 2003, Dr Nahrwar is among the best. Apart from his undeniable competence in his area of expertise, he is thoughtful, considerate, kind and compassionate. Moreover, he is punctual! (which is a trait that is lacking in most doctors). With Dr Nahrwar managing my overall treatment, I am able to go about my daily life confident that my specialised medical needs are being attended to by a highly skilful specialist.

- Waheeda Amien

Dr Nahrwar is amazingly good, friendly and very helpful. He is caring and exceeds my expectations.

- Ronel Kamaldien